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Difference between macchiato and latte and cappuccino

Different Coffee / April 21, 2020

“The cappuccino is named for the color of the robes that are worn by the Capuchin monks. These monks adopted the light coffee-colored cloaks, called cappucio, in tribute to the Benedictine monks who sheltered them from persecution. Cappuccino also means little cap in Italian, which describes the white cap of that rests on the espresso base. However the name was derived, an estimated 1.5 million cups of espresso are served in the US every day. Here’s how you make a classic cappuccino. First put in a single shot of espresso. On top of that layer 1 oz. of foam and 1 oz. of steamed milk that have been mixed so there are no bubbles visible.

The macchiato is a drink that often has adjectives attached to it like mocha, or caramel, or pumpkin spice. These are fine, if you like additives. But at its heart, the macchiato is a very simple drink that is very similar to a cappuccino; it just eliminates the steamed milk. To make one, simply pull a single shot of espresso and layer 1 oz. of milk foam on top.

Another popular milk and espresso drink is the Café Latte. You can also find it as a Café con Leche or a Café Au Lait. Simply, it’s a single shot of espresso with about six ounces of steamed milk. If you’re in the mood, you can put a layer of foam on top, but it’s not necessary. The great thing about a Latte is that because it’s already such a large drink, you can up the caffeine by pulling a double shot into an 8 ounce mug.”

Source: www.quora.com