15 Starbucks tips that are guaranteed to save you money

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Americano / December 25, 2016

When at coffee shops I almost always order a 12-ounce, double Americano with a little bit of half-and-half steamed in.

I used to just add cream to my Americano at the coffee fix-up bar, but now I ask the barista to steam a little bit of half and half in to the drink instead. (This is not the same as an Americano Misto. An Americano Misto is half water and half milk.)

There are several advantages to getting the half-and-half steamed in:

  • it keeps your Americano piping hot (by not pouring in cold creamer).
  • it adds flavor.

If you prefer lattes or cappuccinos, an Americano is about half the cost, but with the steamed-in creamer it tastes nearly the same.

On occasion the cashier wants to charge me $0.50 extra — calling it a “breve”. Sometimes I think that’s a crock, and I tell them they already offer free half-and-half at the coffee fix-up bar but that you would prefer the barista to steam it in for you so your drink stays nice and hot. And sometimes I realize I’m at a local coffee establishment and every little bit helps them keep the lights on and the coffee hot.

It’s a great drink, and you should try it sometime.

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