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Making americano coffee

Americano / June 5, 2017

Which is known as a Caffe Americano or a Cafe Americano is a type of coffee created by adding hot water to espresso. It translates as American coffee because it was the way Italian baristas would approximate the taste of drip coffee for American soldiers stationed in Italy during the first and second World War.

Steps while making this Americano

1. Grind enough espresso beans for 1 1/2 tbsp.

2. Make sure your espresso machine has enough water to create steam for the coffee.

3. Begin heating a pot of water on a stove or in an electric kettle, if your espresso machine does not have an attachment that lets you pour hot water.

4. Place the espresso grounds in the porte filter and evenly pack the grounds down with an attachment on the espresso machine or the bottom of a spoon.

5.Secure the porte filter to the espresso machine by placing it flush with the machine and twisting to the right.

6. Press the on switch on the machine and allow the water to heat up, if there is a separate switch to turn the machine on and start making coffee.

7. Place a small espresso shot cup underneath the porte filter.

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