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Espresso americano recipe

Americano / May 18, 2017

Americano is one type of coffee drink that many ardent coffee lovers would love to taste. Preparing this coffee drink is not so difficult and can be readily prepared at home, thereby avoiding the need to go to a nearby coffee shop or restaurant. Hot water is added to espresso that gives same strength as the regular drip coffee but the flavor varies. One can change the strength of this coffee drink according to their taste by varying the amount of espresso or the quantity of hot water that is being added.

A single-shot or sometimes a double-shot of espresso is added, generally to 1 to 16 ounces of hot water. A shot is comprised of 1 to 1 1/2 ounces of espresso. This can be prepared with the help of an espresso pod machine. The espresso which is extracted does not contain the crema or the layer of the foam. Adding hot water to this extract gives the preparation of Americano. Americano is sometimes prepared with the help of roasted coffees where espresso is not used in some locations. Different varieties of Americano can be prepared like the "Iced Americano" where cold water is used instead of hot water; "Lungo" where the espresso is prepared by extracting for longer time that helps in increasing the volume and also get rid of bitter flavors; "Red Eye" where drip coffee is used replacing the hot water.