Coffee bean americana

Americans Coffee / July 15, 2021

763 Americana Way
Glendale, CA 91210
(818) 242-6123

This is the best CB! Their customer service is engaging and friendly, the drinks are amazing (just like any other CBTL) and there is plenty of parking in the Americana structure. If you're just coming for coffee and plan on staying under 5 minutes then park in Valet, they won't charge you if you stay under that time. There are a few seats outside but you can always grab a drink and walk around the Americana if you choose. There are seats inside as well. Trust me when I say: TRY THE HAZELNUT LATTE (hot, over ice, ice blended-any way you like it). It's amazingly delicious and that's what I suggest for anyone who is trying CB for the first time. I always convert my friends to Coffee Bean fans and they noticed the difference in the quality right away. I will continue to bring unsuspecting patrons to CB to convert them into fans so long as they don't take away my hazelnut latte.

Just like any other coffee shops, if they are busy, the place is a mess. But, when it slows down, the service gets better along with a much cleaner place. Last time, they charged me for a large coffee, and gave me a small cup.

This place sucks. I ordered a cappuccino and more than half the cup was foam. Is that even a drink? I asked to get the foam removed and the girl that took it off gave me attitude and said that I should've gotten a different drink. First and last time here. At Starbucks service is better, as well as drinks.

Perfect cafe that's perfectly situated after traversing strip of Americana then get refreshed with hot or cold drinks or load up some sweets or hearty snacks. Their space maybe small & limited but you can always go to shaded spots with chairs & tables provided by Americana. You can literally just unwind all day & enjoy every zip & bite Coffee Bean has to offer!

Given it's location at the Americana in Glendale, it is one of the busier CBTL locations. Seating is very limited here but it's a nice place sit and relax or maybe study. Not great for groups since mostly the seating is for two person tables along the windows. The service is great. The staff are very efficient and friendly. They know how to deal with long lines.

Every time I come to this place I am amazed at how quickly your order is ready. They have restrooms, plugs and lots of space. Have to try the White Chocolate blended.

I like this location although it is very very busy and crowded. The staff is awesome and the service is quick. Good coffee!

Great location! Mostly issues with wrong drinks, please boost up customer service! Any drinks are good just please be very lookout with correct orders!

Their service is superb !!! Every time I come to this place they don't disappoint. My brother tried a new drink and he didn't quite like it. They offered him a new drink right away. They are super nice and don't make you feel uncomfortable for changing a drink. Very good tea options ! Their hot chocolate is the best one compared to other coffee places. Always get my hot chocolate from Coffee Bean

They give you hot water and honey for free! The little Asian grandmommy inside is so happy!! Perfect after walking outside in the cold at the Americana!

You have no idea how much I love coffee bean !! The Best Of The Best ! Specially the one on Sunset, West Hollywood. I work close there, and I am loyal customer of coffee bean ! I will never change coffee bean with any other coffee places or Starbucks, sorry to say that Starbucks lovers, I been passing by in Glendale and decided to get my delicious coffee, and guess what ? They have here rewards program too, I am so happy, because I use coffee bean every single day before go to work, and customer service in any location is on the Top!!! I go with my friends tô and I refer everyone! Thanks for reading, and thank you coffee bean. !